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Meet the Water Park in Vallarta, activities for families

Slides at Aquaventuras Park

We present to you the ten slides that our water park in Vallarta has.

The flush

The rapid drop-off and a series of unexpected turns offer a genuinely electrifying experience!

La Guayaba y La Tostada

Throw yourself down the most spectacular slide to share the excitement and speed sliding on a double boat.

The Dolphin

Enjoy the tour in these fast, enclosed slides where your excitement will not stop!

Hasta La Vista Baby

Twists, turns, and many screams of excitement are what you will experience in this impressive slide.

Tooth breaker

Slide on a giant tire and enter an exciting tunnel directly to the refreshing pool.

Happy widow

Hug your body, close your eyes, and launch yourself off a steep downhill straightaway at top speed.

The Manatee

Ideal for the little ones in the home who want to go alone or with their parents.

The Octopus

Play some races with your friends and check the speed of the fun in the Octopus!

Sea Lion

Feel the rush and speed as you spin and fall into the pool.


A descent full of fast, unexpected, and exciting turns that will make your heart beat faster until you reach the pool.

Extreme activities in Aquaventuras Park

The Wall

Put your strength and sports skills to the test while climbing the wall designed for you to mount the adventure in Vallarta.


Have you experienced the emotion of traveling through the skies? Get on the most fun zip line flying over the attractions of Aquaventuras Park!

The challenge

This experience will turn you upside down! Run, jump, scream, get excited, and test your motor coordination in every shortcut that comes your way.

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